Why UX/UI?
So many people are using these buzz words to explain a lot of different things. At the end, all comes to two simple questions, Why and Who? The answers may vary from people to people but for me, they have a specific meaning.
It is wonderful when you see things that you build making a real difference in peoples daily life. 
That's the best part when you have the opportunity to see real people (not technology) using solutions to solve daily problems and you go from thinking about the abstract value of building custom applications for businesses to real-life examples.
I think in the long run the ultimate goal of any given technology, and especially in our UX/UI field, is solving problems by applying our empathy to understand someone's perspective and experience.
Customers most of the time have already answers to their business problems and it is our job to find which questions to ask them to come up with the right solutions. 
Because your solution is exactly what they need. Successful entrepreneurs quickly learn to become experts in their customers’ problems. Then they work tirelessly to solve them. Sometimes for free.
Entrepreneurs become obsessed with providing value to people, not with making money.
“What kind of an impact do I want to have on the world?”
“What is a problem to which I can devote my life?”
“Do you like to fly, son?”
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